Mission & Vision


Our mission is to develop a curriculum that focuses on self learning and practical approach to learning concepts. Our mission is to provide a multicultural educational environment for our students in which they achieve academic successes, personal growth and become socially responsible and active global citizens with an appreciation of learning as a life-long process. We plan to accomplish this through an international and dynamic curriculum delivered by an enthusiastic and experienced faculty and staff in partnership with students, parents / guardians, in a caring and supportive community.

To impart skill based and value based education so as to develop intellectual, social and compassionate global citizens. Our mission is to foster each child’s well-being as a foundation for academic and life success by drawing on the strengths of the child’s entire community including family, educators, medical and mental health providers.


We envision a world in which every child, regardless of background, becomes a healthy and productive adult. Our vision is to nurture each child into a compassionate learner, a well-balanced individual who has a thirst for knowledge. Every child should acquire social skills and the confidence to communicate freely in society.

Develop self-confidence, self esteem and independence of thought. Motivate students to respond sensitively to the needs of others and respect people with differences. Promote high moral standards and cultural and spiritual awareness. Provide equal opportunities for all. Establish a strong working partnership with parents. Encourage young adults to chase their dreams in order to achieve a successful and fulfilling adult life.